August 31st brings back memories

31 Aug

Today you can find a fun and informative slide show on It’s all about things that happened on this day, August 31.

As you prepare to make your own memories this Labor Day weekend, take a second to reflect on some history.

I found the most notable events to be the 15th anniversary of Princess Di’s death, the release of Michael Jackson’s “Bad” album and the devastating earthquake in Charleston.

 The memories of waking up to see the local newspaper plastered with the headline about Diana’s death is still fresh to me. I was a senior in high school at the time. I remember standing in the kitchen with my mom and reading the article in shock and denial.

The “Bad” album was so coveted when it came out that my mother stood in line at the local record store just to get me a cassette copy! Ha, time flies!

Take a look at this day in history to see what you remember. Go on, take a look here.

Have a great Labor Day!

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“Once in a blue moon”

31 Aug

We lost our first moonwalker last Saturday when the legendary Neil Armstrong died at age 82. According to his family, he never fully recovered from heart surgery he had a while back. While you soak in this last day of August, don’t forget to look up into the sky after nightfall. It’s a “Blue Moon.” That’s what you call the second full moon during one calendar month. They don’t happen very often. There won’t be another blue moon until 2015. No, it won’t be “blue,” but it’s mighty pretty 🙂 I also found it somewhat fitting to reflect on the lunar event as Armstrong is laid to rest today. is reporting a special honor for Armstrong. Read more about that here.

Enjoy your Labor Day Weekend and be safe!

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BIG SIS, Inc. Helps Local Moms

21 Aug

I love helping spread the word about people and groups Making A Difference. One organization we recently featured is helping women find resources they need.

BIG SIS, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with the motto: “Helping Women to Help Themselves”.

From basic household items to legal services, BIG SIS, Inc. is helping women and mothers get their lives on the right track.  Attorney Rosalind Johnson is the founder and executive director of the organization.

As attorney and mother of five, Johnson knows what it means to set goals and achieve them. That’s why she’s helping other women.

“By the time I was 25 years old, I had graduated law school with four children,” Johnson said.

B.I.G. S.I.S. stands for “becoming independent, goal-oriented and self-sufficient in society”.

BIG SIS, Inc. provides assistance with groceries and household items for hundreds of people per month, but Johnson is also focused on helping families get on their feet with locating the right resources to fit their needs, such as employability training, resume writing and legal help.

With help from volunteers and interns, Johnson offers affordable legal services for cases involving divorce, child support and foreclosure.

And Johnson is not stopping there, her next BIG plan for BIG SIS, Inc. is a transitional house for girls aging out of foster care.

For more about BIG SIS, Inc., click here.

One Good Deed Deserves Another

21 Aug

When I covered a story recently on Harvest Time International, I was amazed to learn about all the services offered by this hunger and disaster relief organization.

The non-profit is known for helping people near and far and now dental clinic has been added to the list.

From food and household goods to medical supplies, Harvest Time International assists 500-750 families everyday.

The new dental clinic at its Sanford headquarters is the first free dental clinic in Seminole County.

Harvest Time International already offers medical clinic services with volunteer doctors and nurses, but with the addition of dental services, volunteer dentists and hygienists are needed.

“Right now, we have about 10 dentists willing to give their time and go on the schedule,” André Smolinsky of Harvest Time International said.

 If you’re a medical or dental professional interested in volunteering or need help, click here for details on Harvest Time International.


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WaWa do you want?

17 Aug

Now that WaWa convenience stores are starting to open up around Orlando, this is the most excited I’ve been about going to a gas station since I discovered QT while I lived in Atlanta! Sad, but true. I happen to love ICEEs, Slurpees and smoothies which are plentiful and cheap at places like these.

What sets WaWa stores apart are amenities and variety. It’s like a 5-star convenience store if there was one. And who would think of dining at a gas station? But you can do that underneath umbrellas at the picnic tables outside WaWa. Who would’ve thought?  Apparently my friends from up north have been enjoying WaWa chain stores for years and that explains some of the squealing heard throughout the newsroom last year when the Central Florida stores were announced last year.

Now that the store just down the street from the TV station is open, I’m afraid of what might happen. LOL! Have you seen their menu? Look at the nutritional information. Help!

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Eatonville: Celebrating 125 Years!

17 Aug

August marks historic Eatonville’s 125th anniversary! Established in 1887, Eatonville is the oldest incorporated African-American municipality in the United States.

A new town archway and streetscape was just unveiled to mark the anniversary.

Eatonville was home to famous writer Zora Neale Hurston.


Tomorrow (Saturday) the 125th anniversary celebration continues with an old school basketball game and high school and family reunion events!

Everything kicks off at 1 p.m. and goes until 6 p.m. at the Robert Hungerford Memorial High School Grounds.

For a closer look the events, click here.

If you’d like to read up a little more about the town, click here.


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Crazy Side-Effects From Extreme Heat?

10 Aug

Have you ever wondered if the weather can bring out the worst in people? We talk about Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), a type of depression, in cold weather climates during the winter. But with heat indexes well into the 100’s these past few weeks, I began to wonder about something more sinister: crime. It turns out irritability and road rage are just the tip of the iceberg for effects from extreme heat.  In this article from the, crime and mercury appear to spike together. Just look at the graphic:

Scientists have proven there’s clearly a difference in human behaviors in cold winter months versus hot summer ones.  But there’s more to this than a bad mood brought on by weather. Scientists say increased mobility, more time outside and higher amounts of social interactions during hot weather mean a higher probability for trouble. The opposite would be true when you’re bundled up at home because it’s cold.

You can read what a criminal science professor has to say about crime and heat here.  

I don’t know about you, but until cooler temps get here, I definitely don’t plan to let the heat get the best of me. Whether it’s cold, hot or raining, there’s no excuse for bad attitudes because of the weather any day. 

Enjoy your summer and find a comfy spot to relax!

See you in the morning,