“Skinny Minnie” is just “drawn that way”

26 Oct

There’s growing controversy surrounding one of your childhood favorites, Minnie Mouse. You might think, “Why/How in the world would Minnie cause a scandal?” Thanks to Barneys New York, Minnie got a makeover for this year’s holiday advertisements at their stores and it’s not going over well. Take a look.

But Minnie’s not the only one. Daisy Duck and Goofy were also morphed into an artist’s rendering of what they’d look like as “models.”

From an artistic standpoint, it doesn’t bother me. For those sensitive to how children might take these skinnier versions of their favorite characters, I do understand the concern. But to me, it’s just an artist’s interpretation of an animator’s creation for a holiday fashion spread. As Joy Behar says, “So what, who cares?” Apparently, a lot of people care though. More than 137,000 supporters say, “Leave Minnie Alone” on Change.org.

It seems there’s always something offending someone these days. One artist’s interpretation does not speak for all of us. I highly doubt Disney has any plans to change Minnie or any other character into this skinny look. What about Olive Oil? As Jessica Rabbit might say, Popeye’s galpal was just “drawn that way.” They’re cartoons folks. 

It’s up to us to educate ourselves and our children about healthy habits and body perceptions. We all know the mannequins in the store fronts usually aren’t realistic either. So what would you expect from a fashion department store cartoon? We can’t rely on the air-brushed illusions in magazines and media to determine our self-image.  We can’t simply buy into what we see because it’s a trend or it looks like everyone else is after that look. For instance, have you ever looked at some of the so-called “beauty trends” happening in other countries? The Bagel-head thing? Weird!

I’m just making an extreme example to prove a point. Some people really think that saline-induced bagel on their forehead looks good. Are you going to get a bagel? The only bagel I want comes from a bakery. (stepping down off soapbox)

See you in the morning!



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