Grandma gives birth to her own grandchild

10 Sep

Some stories leave you with more questions than answers. Some encourage us to look inside ourselves to examine innermost thoughts, fears and values and how they affect the choices we make and essentially how we live our lives.

One story grabbing headlines is that of a woman whose cancer fight forced her and her family to make some extraordinary choices. Emily Jordan lost the child she was carrying and the chance to have anymore after surgery for cervical cancer. Incredibly, her mother stepped in to act as a surrogate and give her daughter and son-in-law the child (her grandchild) they all wanted. 

Cindy Reutzel cradles her new granddaughter

The story can be found here.

After reading it, I’m reminded of other women who waived cancer treatments as they carried babies full term only to lose their lives after bringing life into the world. No one ever wants to be faced with that kind of decision or to say if one option is better than the other for a particular person because there is heartbreak and risk involved either way. It certainly gives one pause to think about losing life one way or the other when it comes to illness and pregnancy.

The other stunning element of the story is giving your child a child. It’s absolutely fascinating to think about the intricacies of this relationship. One day, this child, Elle Cynthia, will grow up and learn that she’s very unique having been born thanks to her grandmother’s love and courage. And grandma is even considering having more for her daughter! Wow! That’s a mother’s love.

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