WaWa do you want?

17 Aug

Now that WaWa convenience stores are starting to open up around Orlando, this is the most excited I’ve been about going to a gas station since I discovered QT while I lived in Atlanta! Sad, but true. I happen to love ICEEs, Slurpees and smoothies which are plentiful and cheap at places like these.

What sets WaWa stores apart are amenities and variety. It’s like a 5-star convenience store if there was one. And who would think of dining at a gas station? But you can do that underneath umbrellas at the picnic tables outside WaWa. Who would’ve thought?  Apparently my friends from up north have been enjoying WaWa chain stores for years and that explains some of the squealing heard throughout the newsroom last year when the Central Florida stores were announced last year.

Now that the store just down the street from the TV station is open, I’m afraid of what might happen. LOL! Have you seen their menu? Look at the nutritional information. Help!

See you in the morning,



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