Here Lizard, Lizard…

10 Aug

I caught this one and set him free (this time…)

Let me just say I have completely lost all love for lizards. At first they startled me, then I thought they were cute, but now they’re just gross and all over the place. In my opinion, they ARE the “palmetto bug” of Florida. I fully intend to treat them as such if I find one more stuck in my window or trying to run into the house when I open and close my patio door. Screened in porches, patios and pools are a must around here and I don’t have one! As soon as my husband and son left for a weekend trip, I found a baby lizard near the floorboard of my backdoor. With no one in sight to help, I grabbed the nearest broom and shooed him back outside! Yuck! The next lizard might not be so lucky!

I know they can’t hurt me, but they just give me heebie-jeebies. Maybe I need to reposition my perspective because they’re not going anywhere and neither am I. Can’t we all just get along? I hope so. And here’s a thought, I do have to give my lizards credit where it’s due. My patio is nearly free of insects! They will eat almost bug, including spiders who hang out too long. Yay!

How do you cope with lizards? Brooms, sprays, poisons? Or just let them be? Let me know your thoughts on Facebook or Twitter.

See you in the morning!



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