Crazy Side-Effects From Extreme Heat?

10 Aug

Have you ever wondered if the weather can bring out the worst in people? We talk about Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), a type of depression, in cold weather climates during the winter. But with heat indexes well into the 100’s these past few weeks, I began to wonder about something more sinister: crime. It turns out irritability and road rage are just the tip of the iceberg for effects from extreme heat.  In this article from the, crime and mercury appear to spike together. Just look at the graphic:

Scientists have proven there’s clearly a difference in human behaviors in cold winter months versus hot summer ones.  But there’s more to this than a bad mood brought on by weather. Scientists say increased mobility, more time outside and higher amounts of social interactions during hot weather mean a higher probability for trouble. The opposite would be true when you’re bundled up at home because it’s cold.

You can read what a criminal science professor has to say about crime and heat here.  

I don’t know about you, but until cooler temps get here, I definitely don’t plan to let the heat get the best of me. Whether it’s cold, hot or raining, there’s no excuse for bad attitudes because of the weather any day. 

Enjoy your summer and find a comfy spot to relax!

See you in the morning,



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