You’d never pay $10,000 for a sandwich

30 Jul

Lately, I’ve been looking for ways to be kinder to the environment. I’m not planning to buy a hybrid car just yet, but I try to do little things. My mother taught us how to recycle as kids. I can remember collecting cans at home and being amazed at just how many bags of them it took to amount to $1 in cash back from the recycling center. At home these days, we don’t have room for composting, but we make sure every little thing that qualifies for the recycle bin makes it in there. Sometimes it means we have more stuff in the bins than our gigantic trash can.

Right now, my thoughts have turned to the growing case against bottled water, here you can watch a pretty convincing video about the reasons to avoid it. More recently, articles were published questioning its effects on young teeth. Does bottled water boost tooth decay for kids? How about a $10,000 sandwich?  Apparently, that’s a similar ratio to what we pay for bottled water.

Does your water taste funny? When I moved to Florida in 2010, I couldn’t help but notice the funny taste in the water.  Yikes! Ironically, there are lots of water brands bottled in Florida. I’ve tried pitchers, refrigerator filtered water, but the pre-packaged stuff always seems most convenient. When I eat out, however, I order “Florida’s finest” which IS tap water. Sometimes it tastes funny and sometimes it doesn’t. Usually, I plop in a lemon hoping for the best.  I later discovered several Florida cities and the state rank poorly for drinking water. Pensacola was number one! Yikes!

Anyway, once I started investing in bottled water, I realized I was occasionally buying water bottled somewhere else in Florida!  Just crazy! You know what I mean? At that time, my apartment complex did not offer recycling which added to my guilt. After some research on where some plastic items end up, I made a decision to cut back on plastic when possible. It seems the only thing better than recycling a bottle is not buying it in the first place.

To add some balance to my thoughts, I looked at the International Bottled Water Association’s just released stats on consumption. The release paints a brighter picture about why bottled water is safe for us and the environment. In the end, I think it’s up to all of us to make informed decisions based on all the facts. I know I have so much more to think about now every time I reach for plastic bottles of anything including water.

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See you in the morning!



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