Attention Shoppers: the stores you love/hate

30 Jul

Attention bargain shoppers!  It’s taken me months to gather my material for this blog, but the names of the stores are being withheld to protect the innocent. By reading carefully, you should be able to connect the dots. You see, I’m a proud bargain shopper, but recently I came to grips with the true limits I’ll go to for a deal. For instance, I won’t do Black Friday shopping because the crowds are horrible. I also have newfound respect for others’ bargain boundaries.

Shopanistas in training


I’ve loved pushing a grocery cart since I was a little girl, but now that I’m married, I get to shop even more! There are so many extra items to buy and double the amounts of groceries. When you see that total on the screen, sometimes it really gets you thinking, ‘hey, maybe those coupon fanatics have a good thing going.’ I have not jumped into “couponing” just yet, but I’m considering it. Do you have a favorite source for coupons? If I could find the simplest way to manage it, I would try it out on some grocery runs. Who doesn’t love seeing double and triple digits savings on the bottom of the receipt?

When it comes to stores though, I’ve developed a love/hate relationship with certain chains. The best bargains seem to be in the big box variety or membership places. My complaint there would be the massive parking lots, the high chance of running into unhelpful or unavailable staff and the fear your meat or frozen items may have thawed two days ago on the toy aisle only to be placed back on the shelf. At smaller stores, you typically find more staff members per capita around tight aisles and higher sticker prices. But as you make your way in and out more quickly, it somehow seems worth it considering some of the junk you avoided at the big box. Again, when the total pops up, you still wonder, ‘did I make a costly mistake?’ Then there are the bare bones, no frills stores. You have to do a lot of stuff yourself, but the savings really add up. Works out great if you feel like putting a little more elbow grease into it. Is it worth it to you?

Recently, I had a shopper’s worst nightmare come true at a big box store. On the way to the register with my items, I realized I needed one more thing and stepped away from my nearly complete cart for less than a minute. Upon returning, the cart was gone! An hour’s worth of work, poof! When I inquired with nearby staff, I was met with scowls and shrugging shoulders. One assistant manager offered to help, but said it was probably taken by one of their classless customers. What!? It was weird no one suggested to check with customer service because that’s where I spotted the abducted cart full of cold items as I was leaving without my groceries.  Yuck!

After that day, I started taking better inventory of where I’m shopping and why.  I think I have a better understanding of why some people are very particular about the places they will and will not spend their hard-earned money. Do you have favorite stores or locations? What about brand names versus generic? What’s your go-to source for your favorite foods, coupons or deals? Which places do you absolutely loathe and why?  I’d love to hear from you. Facebook or Twitter!

See you in the morning,



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