I’m guilty of this

3 Jul

We often cover stories about the dangers of using your phone and texting while driving. The risks to yourself and others on the road are well documented, but there’s a new push to draw attention to other bad habits behind the wheel. A new one I just came across is aimed at ladies. The statistics were released a few years back, but the video is new. You can watch it by clicking the following: Crash Course to Shine

The sad fact is I’m guilty of this bad habit. There are times I can remember rushing out the door with make-up in hand to “finish getting ready in the car.” I have worked with many ladies who do it too. We’re not talking about putting on some lipstick at the stop light either. I know because I passed them on the interstate on the way to the station.  They didn’t see me waving because they were doing eyeliner at 75 miles per hour!

When I was shopping for cars a few years ago, I remember coming across a few recently traded models that had not been detailed yet and I could tell the previous owners were women. How did I know? The make-up coated and stained steering wheel usually gave it away just the way a smoky odor and burned seats signals a smoker’s car.

Now that I’m older, I have realized just how stupid I was to text and drive, email and drive and apply make-up while driving. Now I only do those things in the car if someone else is behind the wheel.

See you in the morning,



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