Affordable summer fun

3 Jul

Long before Orlando was a tourist destination, Sanford, The Celery City, put Central Florida on the map.

It’s just one thing you’ll learn at The Museum of Seminole County History. 

The museum is also an educational and affordable option to keep the kids occupied this summer.

Local 6 went out to the museum recently to see what’s new at a place known for historic items.

The Museum of Seminole County History 

Kim Nelson, the coordinator at the museum, showed us around 22 rooms filled with artifacts all collected and donated over the years. 

“We try to preserve and educate visitors about the rich heritage here in Seminole County,” Nelson said.

There’s a broad range to explore, authentic Native American clothing from the area and even more recent artifacts like a one of a kind computer built in Longwood.

“(We have) the original Zorba computer in one of our galleries from 1950s, the original portable computer made by Gemini Corporation.”

 Right now the museum’s summertime exhibit is showcasing historic maps of Seminole County restored thanks to a grant.

If you want to go, the museum is open Tuesday through Saturday. It’s located on Bush Boulevard in Sanford.

For more details on the museum– click here.

Admission’s really cheap, $1.06 for kids and $3.18 for adults. That’s cheaper than the movies and much cooler than baking at the parks and pools.

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