A new wig for my gig!

22 Jun

You know I’m on a movie kick lately and that made today’s show a fun one for the books. We had some promotional stuff in the studio for Disney’s new movie “Brave.”  The Pixar film’s star character is Scottish princess Merida and her bright red locks. She’s the rebellious eldest child and not quite comfortable behaving as little ladies should. She’s a bit of a cute, quirky tomboy. When her parents decide it’s time for her to get married, the antics ensue.


We had our own antics this morning on the show while talking about the movie and it’s special Dolby Atmos sound system.  Disney sent over a few posters and movie tickets to give away, but I was super excited about the props for us: bright red wigs!

We had way too much fun playing around with these wigs and cracking jokes.  Troy was worried about his hair getting messed up for the segment, Matt wanted to pretend everything was normal despite his red mullet look and Jess just looks great in any hairstyle. Me? Let’s just say big head and big hair already makes for one ill-fitting wig. Fun times! I think Matt’s keeping a couple wigs for his little girls to play Princess Merida and I for one am keeping my wig because you never know when you might need a disguise! LOL!

See you in the morning!



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