Welcome to Orlando: Your Steamy Vacation Destination

15 Jun

Now that school’s out, millions of families are making summer vacation plans. Millions will come to Orlando. With more than 55 million visitors last year, Orlando ranked as the most visited destination in the U.S. according to VisitOrlando.com. Whoa! No wonder our traffic along I-4 south of 408 gets so crazy.

I’m startled by just how many family and friends are coming this way in the next few months, not to see us, but to check out Mickey, Harry and all their friends at the parks. I understand these are VIPs.  Hey, nearly 17 million visit the Magic Kingdom every year, so the mouse is pretty important! 

Coming to Orlando to take in all the sights, thrills and shopping is a big investment too.  Most are spending averages between $900- $1600. Here’s a surprise, did you know shopping edges out theme parks just slightly for the main reason overseas visitors come to Orlando? I think it really hit home for me when I realized on a recent visit to the outlets and a wedding dress shop that local shoppers were in the minority. And it’s absolutely amazing to see all the stuffed luggage folks take back with them while people-watching at the airport.  

The weather is absolutely wonderful here with highs averaging between low 70’s and low 90’s year round. You can’t blame the millions of tourists for wanting a piece of that sunshine. But here’s where the catch comes in. As lovely as the weather is, it gets stormy and steamy in Orlando. Especially right now, the very time when most vacationing Americans on summer break want to come here, the rainy season kicks in. This time of year, sea breezes come together just right to develop fronts and lines of storms blow through nearly every afternoon. We’re talking downpour! Generally speaking, this pattern lasts July-September, and as it also coincides with hurricane season! Whew! Long story short, those millions of tourists and locals better have umbrellas and ponchos handy.

I remember scenes like this photo on Yesterland.com from my childhood…

But as I understand it, those infamous ponchos are now clear…

Have fun and stay dry out there!

See you in the morning!





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