Are you a food truck fan?

15 Jun

Have you seen them around town yet?  The food trucks are everywhere it seems. I’ve come across them at malls, gas stations and parks. I was a little skeptical about this so-called craze at first and I’m still not totally sold on them. Maybe I just need to try a few more meals, so don’t judge me for not getting on the “foodwagon” just yet.

Let’s be honest, MOST food trucks don’t offer healthy options. They’re filled with greasy treats and nibbles that you might usually try at a state fair. The fun part for fans is having those choices at your fingertips most any day of the week if you seek out the next location for the food trucks. From fried sweets to greasy sandwiches, it’s all there. For the food snob, there are also “gourmet” food trucks with very fancy, original recipes. It sounds like an oxymoron, “gourmet food truck,” but I guess that’s why food truck fans keep coming back.

When you go to a food truck event, it’s almost like a mixture of campground and RV park. There are folks with chairs, coolers and pets posted up around these events. For the person just curious and stopping through, it’s a bit intimidating. Lines are long and it seems as though some groups have come together and have friends strategically placed in several lines to get all their orders in more quickly. Once I stood in line only to finally get to the order window and have the owner yell out they were sold out.  

The other issue at hand with food trucks is sanitation. In Chicago, food trucks are a well-established industry already riddled with regulations. They are banned from actually preparing the food on site and there are various zoning rules in play. See where I’m going? 

That brings me to another point, the trucks have a cult-like following.  Those who love them tell me it’s the variety and the sense of going out to eat in a non-restaurant or fast food way that keep them coming. There’s also a sense of community fun that comes along with taking in a food truck bazaar.

As not to incite a riot, I won’t name the infamous truck I heard so much raving about, but felt disappointed after finally buying a meal.  Not only was the meat chewy, but the portions were skimpy for the price we paid and the time we had to wait even though there wasn’t a line. Hey, I’d still go back to a food truck event and browse the menus, smells and samples. I might even buy another morsel or two and bring a lawn chair. If at first you don’t succeed, truck, truck again.

If you’re looking for more information about the food trucks around here, check out these two blogs: Orlando’s Food Trucks and Food Truck Bazaar.  You can see when they’re coming to an area near you.

See you in the morning!



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