Daddy’s Girl

8 Jun

So I came across this story about Father’s Day spending on the rise even in these days and times! Don’t panic! You didn’t forget Father’s Day! It’s next Sunday, June 17th 🙂 Anyway, I found it delightful to think more people are spending more on Dad.  The average American will spend 10% more this Father’s Day according to the National Retail Federation. The story also got me thinking about my dad.  

As the eldest of three kids, I’ve always held the #1 daughter spot (by birth right), my brother is the one and only son (dad’s spitting image), and my sister is “The Baby.” Everyone has a special place in our parents’ hearts. My role always seemed to be somewhere between trailblazer and guinea pig, but I turned out alright. The reason: loving, wise, God-fearing, rod-wielding, patient parents. What a blessing they are!

Even on a three-wheeler, Dad always watched my back!

My father has always been there for us. He’s a hard worker and wonderful dad. One of my earliest memories with Dad is learning to ride my bike between the ages of 3 & 4.  Dad must have spent at least 40 hours with me and that Strawberry Shortcake bike. Between holding my seat, putting the training wheels on, taking the training wheels off, and just watching from a distance, he must have gotten irritated a few times, but he never gave up on me. I do remember on my final request to take the training wheels off, he warned, “Bridgett, this is my last time taking these training wheels off.” Being a precocious child, I insisted he take them off immediately because I just knew this was the moment I would grasp my goal!

Vintage Strawberry Shortcake Bike      (file photo)

Admittedly, I threw a few tantrums one afternoon as my parents stood back and watched me fall. Doubt and tears crept in, the bike got a little scratched, but I remember calming myself and focusing in on all I had learned up to that point to prepare me. The moment I finally got it and sailed off with my pigtails in the wind remains one of my most vivid memories of childhood joy! Oh the excitement and laughter we all squealed with when I finally got it! 

Daddy and I making our way down the aisle on my wedding day!

Without elaborating, I will say I liken this childhood parenting story about my bike to my parents’ experience with me as we navigated through my evolution into womanhood and marriage.  I do believe my brother and sister’s experiences with them in these arenas are much easier thanks to me. That’s the “trailblazer/guinea pig” thing I mentioned earlier.  🙂

Momma and I strike a pose after the ceremony!

Where did that time go? One day they’re doing everything for us, the next thing you know, the training wheels are off and then we’re all walking down the aisle.  It’s comforting to know they’re still standing by with listening ears and sound advice should you need any reminders “you’re a Big Girl now.”  Happy Father’s Day Dad!  I love you (and Mom) everyday! 

Now, don’t forget all the dads and special father-figures on June 17th, but why wait to tell them (or anyone else) you love them?

See you in the morning!



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