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A new wig for my gig!

22 Jun

You know I’m on a movie kick lately and that made today’s show a fun one for the books. We had some promotional stuff in the studio for Disney’s new movie “Brave.”  The Pixar film’s star character is Scottish princess Merida and her bright red locks. She’s the rebellious eldest child and not quite comfortable behaving as little ladies should. She’s a bit of a cute, quirky tomboy. When her parents decide it’s time for her to get married, the antics ensue.


We had our own antics this morning on the show while talking about the movie and it’s special Dolby Atmos sound system.  Disney sent over a few posters and movie tickets to give away, but I was super excited about the props for us: bright red wigs!

We had way too much fun playing around with these wigs and cracking jokes.  Troy was worried about his hair getting messed up for the segment, Matt wanted to pretend everything was normal despite his red mullet look and Jess just looks great in any hairstyle. Me? Let’s just say big head and big hair already makes for one ill-fitting wig. Fun times! I think Matt’s keeping a couple wigs for his little girls to play Princess Merida and I for one am keeping my wig because you never know when you might need a disguise! LOL!

See you in the morning!



Beauty Blog: My testimony and the truth about gel nail polish!

21 Jun

For the past couple years, women have rejoiced over a new option that gave them a flawless manicure. I also joined in the revolutionary idea of nail polish that didn’t chip, but now I’m over it. I’m convinced the long-lasting gel polish manicures we all bought into are a wolf in shiny, glittery sheep’s clothing.

Hand model shows off gel mani, good luck girl!

If you’re not familiar, the gel manicure is a thick, gel-like polish applied to the nail and hardened/cured using a UV light. It looks like regular nail polish, but lasts at least two weeks on the nails with no chipping. I used it frequently after I got engaged because I wanted my nails in tip-top appearance to complement my new ring. I also went back and got more gel mani-pedi work done before my wedding so I could have a flawless look on the big day and honeymoon without having to fuss with my nails. Now I’m paying the price. My nails are almost down to nubs! They’re chipping, peeling and cracking at the slightest bang or thump against anything!

My biggest issue with the gel manicure is not extra cost, extra time it takes, chemicals in these various products or even the controversial UV light. My disappointment and outrage stem from the damaging process of getting the polish put on and taken off. Nails are filed and buffed before the polish is applied. Weeks later, when you’re ready to take it off, they’re buffed, soaked or wrapped in acetone, scraped and buffed a ton more to get off that old polish residue. This excessive acetone soaking and buffing leave your real nails so thin and weakened because the top layers have been sanded and scraped away. *now in my girlfriend tone* “You have a choice at that point, ignore it and get more gel put over your damaged paws or let that mess grow out!”  I knew I didn’t like how it ruined my nails last year, but I couldn’t resist the urge for a flawless manicure before the wedding and went back for more! Despite the urging from my last technician that they use the utmost care, I still experienced thin, weakened nails after this last few go-rounds with gel polish.

UV nail light, be careful girl!

Some might argue, the nail tech is at fault, but I really don’t think so. The product has to be taken off and these steps are necessary. The upper layers of your nail being damaged are part of the price you pay. Now I do believe, some nail salons, those that are reputable, staffed with licensed technicians and not greedy for profits, will admit that any semi-permanent substances attached to your nails for long periods of time will leave your nails temporarily damaged until they grow out. According to an article found at, there are continuing problems in salons across the country with false advertising, various and undisclosed or even FDA banned chemicals in use, and even reports of people experiencing pain from damage done in the process of getting gel manicures and other cosmetic nail procedures.  It’s enough to make you want to stay home with an emory board and pair of nail clippers.

I wouldn’t say I’ll never go to a nail shop again, but I will say I’d probably opt for plain mani-pedis from now on with minimal buffing/filing. I’d also look to make sure the salon is reputable instead of eye-balling for cleanliness and crossing my fingers. Here’s one site that can help you find licensed nail shops in your area. Click here.

Are you a food truck fan?

15 Jun

Have you seen them around town yet?  The food trucks are everywhere it seems. I’ve come across them at malls, gas stations and parks. I was a little skeptical about this so-called craze at first and I’m still not totally sold on them. Maybe I just need to try a few more meals, so don’t judge me for not getting on the “foodwagon” just yet.

Let’s be honest, MOST food trucks don’t offer healthy options. They’re filled with greasy treats and nibbles that you might usually try at a state fair. The fun part for fans is having those choices at your fingertips most any day of the week if you seek out the next location for the food trucks. From fried sweets to greasy sandwiches, it’s all there. For the food snob, there are also “gourmet” food trucks with very fancy, original recipes. It sounds like an oxymoron, “gourmet food truck,” but I guess that’s why food truck fans keep coming back.

When you go to a food truck event, it’s almost like a mixture of campground and RV park. There are folks with chairs, coolers and pets posted up around these events. For the person just curious and stopping through, it’s a bit intimidating. Lines are long and it seems as though some groups have come together and have friends strategically placed in several lines to get all their orders in more quickly. Once I stood in line only to finally get to the order window and have the owner yell out they were sold out.  

The other issue at hand with food trucks is sanitation. In Chicago, food trucks are a well-established industry already riddled with regulations. They are banned from actually preparing the food on site and there are various zoning rules in play. See where I’m going? 

That brings me to another point, the trucks have a cult-like following.  Those who love them tell me it’s the variety and the sense of going out to eat in a non-restaurant or fast food way that keep them coming. There’s also a sense of community fun that comes along with taking in a food truck bazaar.

As not to incite a riot, I won’t name the infamous truck I heard so much raving about, but felt disappointed after finally buying a meal.  Not only was the meat chewy, but the portions were skimpy for the price we paid and the time we had to wait even though there wasn’t a line. Hey, I’d still go back to a food truck event and browse the menus, smells and samples. I might even buy another morsel or two and bring a lawn chair. If at first you don’t succeed, truck, truck again.

If you’re looking for more information about the food trucks around here, check out these two blogs: Orlando’s Food Trucks and Food Truck Bazaar.  You can see when they’re coming to an area near you.

See you in the morning!


Welcome to Orlando: Your Steamy Vacation Destination

15 Jun

Now that school’s out, millions of families are making summer vacation plans. Millions will come to Orlando. With more than 55 million visitors last year, Orlando ranked as the most visited destination in the U.S. according to Whoa! No wonder our traffic along I-4 south of 408 gets so crazy.

I’m startled by just how many family and friends are coming this way in the next few months, not to see us, but to check out Mickey, Harry and all their friends at the parks. I understand these are VIPs.  Hey, nearly 17 million visit the Magic Kingdom every year, so the mouse is pretty important! 

Coming to Orlando to take in all the sights, thrills and shopping is a big investment too.  Most are spending averages between $900- $1600. Here’s a surprise, did you know shopping edges out theme parks just slightly for the main reason overseas visitors come to Orlando? I think it really hit home for me when I realized on a recent visit to the outlets and a wedding dress shop that local shoppers were in the minority. And it’s absolutely amazing to see all the stuffed luggage folks take back with them while people-watching at the airport.  

The weather is absolutely wonderful here with highs averaging between low 70’s and low 90’s year round. You can’t blame the millions of tourists for wanting a piece of that sunshine. But here’s where the catch comes in. As lovely as the weather is, it gets stormy and steamy in Orlando. Especially right now, the very time when most vacationing Americans on summer break want to come here, the rainy season kicks in. This time of year, sea breezes come together just right to develop fronts and lines of storms blow through nearly every afternoon. We’re talking downpour! Generally speaking, this pattern lasts July-September, and as it also coincides with hurricane season! Whew! Long story short, those millions of tourists and locals better have umbrellas and ponchos handy.

I remember scenes like this photo on from my childhood…

But as I understand it, those infamous ponchos are now clear…

Have fun and stay dry out there!

See you in the morning!




Fairy tales and nightmares revisited

8 Jun

I’m not much of a movie buff, but lately, I’ve been on a kick about going to the movies.  The latest installment could be “Prometheus” this weekend. My husband and every guy at Local 6 seems to be amped about this movie. But I’ll be the first to admit, I’m a wimp about scary movies. 

“Prometheus” image

 I’m the happy-ending movie seeker and goer. IMO, if it doesn’t end with salty, buttery rainbows and butterflies, why go? Going to the theatre provides us all an escape. The question is where do you want to go and why? Think about it, we get enough freak show and horror show material in the stories that make news, but I digress.

The last movie I saw was “Snow White and the Huntsman.” Headliners included Charlize Theron and Kristen Stewart.  There are a few notable mentions in the reviews on this by critics. Some are saying Stewart’s “post-Twilight” Snow White performance was possibly outshined by veteran Theron’s wicked queen. There’s an even bigger story with a possible impending “100 Midget March?” Some advocacy groups for little people are in an uproar over Universal’s decision to cast regular sized actors for the seven dwarfs.

“Snow White and The Huntsman”

 Outside drama aside, there’s more magic in this film than the spells of the wicked queen. This movie was an absolute spectacle to watch. From the mystical Dark Forest to the fairy-dusted Enchanted Forest, there were some wickedly charming special effects balanced with grimy details like Snow White’s dirty nails. In watching the credits, I was amazed by the sheer number of effects companies hired to help finish this film. 

 Somehow, director Rupert Sanders accomplishes an incredible feat in making even the biggest Disney fan forget the original cartoonish film while watching this darker version of Snow White with fresh eyes.  He does it with some unexpected twists off the traditional storyline. It’s also surprisingly inspirational in a more directly religious tone than Disney’s treatment.

Theron from scenes in “Prometheus” and “Snow White”

Now we’ll have to wait and see if “Prometheus” beats out “Snow White” at the box office this weekend. The lovely Theron, one of my favorite actresses, stars is in this sci-fi thriller too, but that still does nothing for my nerves. You see, this movie’s plot is supposedly set 40 years prior to the storyline of “Alien.” Yeah and we all remember how that one turns out…heads spewing goo and aliens popping out of people. If I do go, I can guarantee you I’ll be walking out or covering my eyes through a lot of it!

See you in the morning!


Daddy’s Girl

8 Jun

So I came across this story about Father’s Day spending on the rise even in these days and times! Don’t panic! You didn’t forget Father’s Day! It’s next Sunday, June 17th 🙂 Anyway, I found it delightful to think more people are spending more on Dad.  The average American will spend 10% more this Father’s Day according to the National Retail Federation. The story also got me thinking about my dad.  

As the eldest of three kids, I’ve always held the #1 daughter spot (by birth right), my brother is the one and only son (dad’s spitting image), and my sister is “The Baby.” Everyone has a special place in our parents’ hearts. My role always seemed to be somewhere between trailblazer and guinea pig, but I turned out alright. The reason: loving, wise, God-fearing, rod-wielding, patient parents. What a blessing they are!

Even on a three-wheeler, Dad always watched my back!

My father has always been there for us. He’s a hard worker and wonderful dad. One of my earliest memories with Dad is learning to ride my bike between the ages of 3 & 4.  Dad must have spent at least 40 hours with me and that Strawberry Shortcake bike. Between holding my seat, putting the training wheels on, taking the training wheels off, and just watching from a distance, he must have gotten irritated a few times, but he never gave up on me. I do remember on my final request to take the training wheels off, he warned, “Bridgett, this is my last time taking these training wheels off.” Being a precocious child, I insisted he take them off immediately because I just knew this was the moment I would grasp my goal!

Vintage Strawberry Shortcake Bike      (file photo)

Admittedly, I threw a few tantrums one afternoon as my parents stood back and watched me fall. Doubt and tears crept in, the bike got a little scratched, but I remember calming myself and focusing in on all I had learned up to that point to prepare me. The moment I finally got it and sailed off with my pigtails in the wind remains one of my most vivid memories of childhood joy! Oh the excitement and laughter we all squealed with when I finally got it! 

Daddy and I making our way down the aisle on my wedding day!

Without elaborating, I will say I liken this childhood parenting story about my bike to my parents’ experience with me as we navigated through my evolution into womanhood and marriage.  I do believe my brother and sister’s experiences with them in these arenas are much easier thanks to me. That’s the “trailblazer/guinea pig” thing I mentioned earlier.  🙂

Momma and I strike a pose after the ceremony!

Where did that time go? One day they’re doing everything for us, the next thing you know, the training wheels are off and then we’re all walking down the aisle.  It’s comforting to know they’re still standing by with listening ears and sound advice should you need any reminders “you’re a Big Girl now.”  Happy Father’s Day Dad!  I love you (and Mom) everyday! 

Now, don’t forget all the dads and special father-figures on June 17th, but why wait to tell them (or anyone else) you love them?

See you in the morning!