Making a Difference: Life Without Limbs

17 May

Sometimes it’s what we don’t have in life that helps us appreciate what we do have even more.  I recently put together a story for our Making a Difference franchise that really resonated with me. It was about Nick Vujicic, pronounced ‘voy-cheech’. The name did not immediately ring a bell, but I had heard his message before.  You may have seen his motivational message on YouTube.

He recently spoke at  Northland Church in Longwood to inspire more houses of worship to include people with disabilities in ministry. Here are some excerpts from our interview with Nick.

“It’s not me, god came up with this story of my life. He’s the author and I’m so privileged that if one is touched in some small way, I’m forever thankful,” Vujicic said.

Vujicic has been beating odds since he was born without arms or legs. At a young age, he taught himself to do things some with his disabilities never learn, but it wasn’t easy. Nick battled bullies and depression, even attempted suicide, but his faith led him down a different path.

“At age 15, I committed my life to the Lord Jesus Christ. That was after seeing how god had a plan for a blind man. Then thinking if god’s got a plan for a blind man, god’s got a plan for me.”

Now at 29 years old, he is a world renown evangelist. Nick started his ministry “Life Without Limbs” 10 years ago in Australia after overwhelming response to his testimony. So far, he has visited 43 countries in 5 years.

 “My message is to know that if god has a plan for me without arms and legs to be his hands and feet, that god’s got a plan for them. And it’s not about a positive attitude, it’s about finding your true purpose. Deep down within our souls we know there is more to life than meets the eye,” Nick said.

Nick was just married in February and has a new book about his journey coming out in October.

To find out more about Nick and when he’ll be speaking somewhere near you, click here.


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