Making a Difference ‘Hand In Hand’

14 May

By now, you’ve heard multiple stories about Trayvon Martin’s shooting death and the investigation. It’s a story that’s been hard to avoid, especially here in Central Florida.

No matter what you think about the story, the families involved or the community it happened in, there’s no denying it will all be talked about for generations. When things like this happen, they tend to be polarizing for people looking for quick, judgemental answers. Many people have chosen to take sides and make it a racial issue. 

For many living in Sanford, there is a longing to heal and find a path back to normal. In that spirit of improvement and unity, some local artists and businesses have collaborated to create the Hand In Hand art project. The effort to collect the hands was organized by Mary Shaw, Marjorie Branchaud and Yvette Comeau.

 As you can see from the photo below, it simply consists of paper hands strung together, decorated with powerful, yet simple messages. Hundreds of hands have been collected at local venues, businesses and schools across Sanford.

ImageThe hands will be on display at businesses across Sanford.


As you can see from the messages on these hands, many neighbors are hoping that out of painful darkness, there will be a stronger more peaceful community brought to light.


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