Platinum weddings for budget conscious brides

9 Apr
Let’s be honest. Weddings are not cheap undertakings. Weddings cost and often it’s a lot more than what we really want to spend. You can still have a platinum-inspired wedding with some research and realistic vision.

Happy dreaming & planning!

I believe weddings are at their core are about God and family.  What are your core beliefs?  With those in mind, think about your vision for the wedding. I strongly considered my religious beliefs and family needs. For example, if you have parents who won’t fly or several elderly loved ones, a destination wedding that requires a long trip may not be the best option. You can probably find a good compromise. For instance, maybe you wanted an island wedding, but perhaps there’s a nearby beach or lake area that would also work for your desired water backdrop. If destination is still your dream, do it, but plan to have a post-wedding trip party for your family back in your hometown.
Invest in a wedding planner! If you’re a busy woman, it’s an absolute must. You don’t want to run yourself ragged trying to be Wonder Woman. During my planning phase, I changed my mind about locations from Florida to South Carolina to Georgia! With my home base being Orlando, I relied upon the help of several planners at one point. Arlene Blake at Orlando’s Designs by Cornelia is awesome and really helped me with local wedding resources.
Figure out what you want to splurge on and where you can save money by skipping it or making it yourself. My dress, reception venue and photography were my splurges. Originally, I had no idea how much it would really take to get what I wanted, but once I found these items, I knew I had to have them and make it work for my budget.
When it comes to your bridal gown, expect to splurge a bit because the base dress cost is often only one half of what you really end up spending after adding all your accessories and alterations. Orlando bridal shops have a great selection!  After trying on dresses in shops across the southeast, I ultimately decided on a Sottero Midgley gown from Orlando’s Lily’s Bridal. I picked up some cute accessories at Orlando’s Solutions Bridal, including some darling Hanky Panky undies with Swarovski crystals. My bridesmaids dresses and flower girl dress were ordered from Orlando’s Modern Bridal. My sister’s maid of honor gown came from Orlando’s Fashions & Flowers. My hair accessories and veil were purchased at Orlando’s Alfred Angelo.
I also picked up bridesmaids gifts at Florida Mall’s Victoria’s Secret, the outlets and surprisingly, I found some nice gifts at airport gift shops including Orlando International. Ordering online also helped me save a ton. This is a little Precious Moments figurine I had to have.

Precious Moments topper

My invitations were also a splurge, but they were gorgeous and a keepsake we wanted for generations to come. Designs By Mary Anthony in Maitland helped me create a beautiful invitation ensemble using a pattern from Carlson Craft.
The areas I really saved on were flowers, decorations, favors, and DJ services. Every bride’s budget is different, so be true to yourself.  I will get into more details on my Georgia vendors and have wedding pictures later this month!
See you in the morning (AFTER the honeymoon of course 😉   

One Response to “Platinum weddings for budget conscious brides”

  1. Lisa Loyd April 17, 2012 at 8:44 pm #

    Thanks for sharing all the stuff we’ve been wondering about. Sounds like you handled it all with grace. What a job! Don’t forget to post wedding pics when you get back. Hope it was all you’ve ever hoped for. Copngratz and best of luck.
    Jessica is doing a great job in your seat, and Troy and Matt are still squabbling like kiddos, but we are all awaiting your return, so we can hear all about it. Enjoy!

    Love your show,
    An everyday viewer

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