It’s your time! Don’t blink!

9 Apr

Engagement and wedding planning is a season in your life I consider to be a special gift.  How you cherish that time will influence your memories forever. I’ve been preaching about using your time wisely and I’m really having to work hard to practice what I preach right now.


I do!

No matter how tempting it is to run off to Las Vegas, the length of your engagement is important. If you’re a traditional bride, you’ll need at least a year to get all those traditional events squeezed in. There are the engagement celebrations, parties and showers with close family and friends, engagement photos, marriage counseling and time to save for and plan your wedding.
Many of our friends got married before us after much shorter engagements. They all told us later that they were rushed, tired and even sick in some cases from the stress of such a short time frame to wed. They warned us to rest and really take in the process.
Another way to save yourself time is delegation. Before you go gray, pull your hair out, or both, learn how to delegate. Give your bridesmaids, friends and family members some items off your to-do lists. Ask your fiance’ to plan some elements like the limo, hotels and honeymoon; that’ll give you a few less things to stress over.
When your wedding weekend FINALLY arrives, give yourself time to take it all in. It’s your day, make sure you’re well rested and relaxed, don’t let anyone rush you through it. Get your bachelor/bachelorette plans out of the way well before your wedding weekend. No one likes to be around grumpy, tired, hung-over people. Plan a spa day with your sweetie to get in a relaxing massage. Let go of stress and worry about how things will go. You’ve done all the planning and preparing you could do, sit back and enjoy. Even if one or two little things aren’t exactly as planned, remember the bigger picture. No matter what, at the end of that day you’ll still be married and no one will ever notice if one thing is out of place from your original plan.
If you’re sad about the thought of missing part of your reception because of pictures, add a “day after photo shoot” to your photography package. This will save you and your new spouse the stress of running around to fit in all the poses you wanted while you really want to get to the food, folks and fun at the reception.

Honeymoon here we come!


And once the big day is over, give yourself a day to get to your honeymoon. This will give the new Mr. and Mrs. some time to gather their thoughts, get in final goodbyes with family, pack up the gifts and the bags for the big trip.

See you in the morning! (AFTER my honeymoon of course 😉



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