Adventures and Confessions of a DIY Bride

6 Apr

The final countdown is really winding down on the wedding! As I write this, I still have a checklist to work on, but I’m certain the great love and support of family and friends will help take care of it.

Here are the top 3 questions:

Q: Will you change your name?

A: Yes, I am an old-fashioned lady in a lot of ways and this is one of them, I can’t wait to change it.

Q: Where are you going on your honeymoon?

A: It’s a surprise! I will find out at the wedding reception!

Q: How are you feeling?

A: Today I’m feeling peaceful and well-equipped to handle anything! However, I must admit last night’s failed attempt at making pew bows past my bedtime had me in a cranky state. Ha! 

One part of the planning I’ve loved is the research and shopping for items we needed for the wedding. I fell in love with gift card birdcages like these:


So I made one last night! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Hobby Lobby! PS- I added one of my tulle bows to the top after I took this picture.



If I had to give any advice on wedding planning for those contemplating jumping the broom, my top tip would be: “Time is of the essence: give yourself as much as possible!” Even with a year, our engagement flew by and everyone keeps saying the wedding and honeymoon will go even faster.  Enjoy each season of your life and the special moments that happen each day. Savor it. Don’t rush a thing! For those who’ve been waiting impatiently to meet Mr. or Miss Right or for that special someone to pop the question, I know it is easier said than done. I know people who dated or were engaged for short and long periods of time before heading to the church or courthouse. Either way, you have to take time to enjoy that time. There are two things that get us off track with life’s timing: rushing AND procrastination. Get stuck in either gear and you’ll miss out on the life right in front of you. For me, the struggle has been balancing my own will with trusting God to work all things out in His perfect timing. I’m so glad I trust Him.

 See you in the morning!




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