“Extra” visits Orlando

29 Mar

On Monday, I had the most fun assignment of the day: go to Universal Studios to do an interview!  Doubling the fun, the chance to meet an actor who was the teenage dream for many women my age who grew up watching “Saved By The Bell.”  Yes, if you were a teenage girl in the 90’s, you went through your debates about who you had the bigger crush on: Zack or A.C. Slater. LOL! 

Bridgett Williams interviews Mario Lopez at Universal Studios

Yes, I met Mario Lopez! He’s currently hosting the entertainment show, “Extra” which airs everyday at 4 p.m. on Local 6. The show was in town to tape at the theme park this week. The episodes will air next week, so be on the look out for some ‘extra’-special editions. Mario is a very nice, down-to-earth guy. I also saw his cute little girl and beautiful fiance’ out on the shoot that day too! Remember them from his reality show about having a baby? The whole “Extra” crew was great! Hopefully, they’ll be back to tape in Orlando soon.


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