“The Dress” is finally here!

23 Mar

I’ve been using the blog to gush a little about my wedding plans and so I’m really excited to announce that my dress came in last week!  Why am I so relieved? The wedding is less than a month away! It sure cut it a little close, but I’m sure there are some brides who got their dresses in less time.

The puzzling part is I ordered the dress months ago, but the wait time fell during Chinese New Year.  Why does that matter?  As I soon learned, many designers have their gowns manufactured in China.  During this time, many Chinese take off time to celebrate their heritage and cultural traditions, so this pushes back the delivery dates.

I had heard horror stories about people who ordered dresses online or tried to use websites that promised faster, cheaper products, but I didn’t want to touch them. Instead, I decided to go with a local vendor who could give me the one-on-one customer care I needed for this special purchase.

As I made my way through a sea of magazines, some were bequeathed to me by the recently wed Nicole Pesecky Luca, I ripped out dozens of pages to take on shopping trips. Then I set out on a tour of almost every dress shop in the Southeast.  Ok, I’m exaggerating a bit, but I did check out the shops in my area whether I was visiting family in N.C., S.C. or Georgia.

After a trip to one shop, which shall remain nameless, I was nearly in tears from my mom’s disapproval of almost every gown I tried on. Then I took a trip with my future mother-in-law to see gowns at a shop that was straight out of the movie “Steel Magnolias.” I saw one of the most amazing veils. It was covered in Swarovski crystals and straight from Rome. The price tag? Over $1500! I knew that was over the budget!

 Ultimately, my search landed me right here at home with some Orlando shops. I got the bridesmaids dresses at Modern Bridal and my gown at Lily’s Bridal.

Here’s a sneak peek at my shoes and the lace on the train!

Satin peep-toe pumps and lace

A wedding is just one day. It goes by fast. I’m amazed at how much time goes into planning it. While I’m praying for good weather and everything to go smoothly, I’m more prayerful about the marriage itself. I pray that our union will be blessed and that God will continue to guide us and watch over us from now until forever. Long after the satin and lace has faded, it is my hope that our union exemplifies a shining example of God’s love.

See you in the morning!



One Response to ““The Dress” is finally here!”

  1. jachearts14 March 23, 2012 at 1:18 pm #

    Your union, you Gorgeous Blushing Bride, is blessed by God and will be a beacon on a hill to light the way for others! Love will overtake you and lift you up to places you never thought you could go! And when the satin and lace have been worn down, just remember that true love only becomes a chore when you stop working at it! Blessings to you in your soon-to-be-here nuptials! I will be there in spirit! Joel and I will be in prayer for you both throughout that very special day! Love, Jacci

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