Say ‘Yes’ to the dress!

8 Mar

My wedding is coming up in April, so I’ve been very focused on being my best self in preparation for the big day! That process includes slimming down some.  When I ordered my dress, which still hasn’t come in by the way, I had to order up a size from the sample size. That was a little upsetting, but everyone says the wedding dress sizes run differently than regular sizes.

My whole life, I’ve battled a bit of bulge for as long as I can remember. I’ve always been an active person, but the real culprit has always been food choices. Growing up in the South, you’re sort of surrounded by sweet tea, fried foods and cakes. My mother and grandmother are expert bakers! Even if you didn’t have it at your house, it was at your neighbor’s or your grandmother’s house! 

When I was younger, it seemed as if I could eat whatever I wanted as long as I worked out. Well, it worked for a little while, but after 30, stuff starts to change!  Can I get an ‘amen!’  That philosophy is just not true anymore and I don’t think it ever was. 

After I got engaged, my weight started to go up a little and I directly linked it to food. We had been so happy and excited that we simply indulged in too many heavy meals and desserts. For example, we would go to our favorite frozen yogurt shop several times a week! It was like we were on a cruise! But now that time is winding down, we’re both cutting back. These days, it’s no wheats, no treats, no fatty meats and no sweets! Part of my plan included adopting the “Eat Right for Your Type” philosophy.  I went out and got the booklet for my blood type that breaks down which foods are highly beneficial, neutral or ones to avoid.

Eat Right For Your Type

Eat Right For Your Type



I have been hearing about this diet for years. First, it was the infomercials, then I did a story on the plan a few months back. As I interviewed a woman who swore it changed her life and looked at her before and after pictures, I thought it might have some merit. However, doctors still say there’s not enough research to back up the validity of the plan.

While I have not followed the diet to the tee, I have seen results combined with my exercise routine. So far, I’ve dropped 12 pounds and counting!  Here’s what I changed: very little to no gluten/wheat products, no dairy, no fried foods, no sweets. That’s really it and like I said, I have cheated some here and there because I want to enjoy my life!  In fact, the plan says if you follow it 70% of the time, you will lose weight. I guess I’m now in the number who can testify.  

Now as you know, before you try any diet plans, you should talk to your doctor and I did talk to mine. She said I was ok as long as I’m still getting enough protein, calcium and fiber in my diet. 

 I am not a paid spokesperson and perhaps my weight loss is simply due to stress and all the running around I’d doing to get ready for the wedding. LOL!

See you in the morning!



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