I DO like green eggs and ham

8 Mar

Last Friday, I had the opportunity to read to students at Engelwood Elementary School for Read Across America Day.  It was an awesome morning with the kindergarten and first graders there! I really enjoyed the visit and hope they’ll have me back soon. 

Green Eggs and Ham

Invitation from Engelwood Elementary for Read Across America Day

My co-anchor, Matt, and I  read “Green Eggs and Ham” by Dr. Seuss to students who laughed out loud at the funny and over-the-top story about a boy named Sam begging an old man to try green eggs and ham. 

Read Across America Day falls on March 2 every year which is Seuss’ birthday anniversary. This was his 108th. Dr. Seuss is one of my favorite authors and I’m not afraid to admit this even though I am a bit old to be into children’s books.  I LOVE “Oh, the places you’ll go!” and often give it as a gift to people making transitions in life. You see, kiddie-reading level aside, some messages are just simple and timeless. Dr. Seuss had a way of writing stories that captured the fun and fascination of youth, while delivering life lessons that we can carry with us today. “Oh, the places you’ll go” tells the story of all the possibilities of life, it’s twists, turns, ups and downs. It’s inspiring, comforting and funny. The message is clear: be hopeful and cheerful, whatever may come, you’ve got what it takes to make it.

Read Across America Day at Engelwood Elementary School

Read Across America Day, March 2, 2012

“Green Eggs and Ham” is the classic beginner book by Seuss in which he used just 50 words to tell a 59-page story about prejudgment, stubbornness and prejudice. Sometimes we just decide too early that we just don’t like things before we even really give them a chance. In the end, Sam gets the character to try the recipe and he discovers he actually does like green eggs and ham. How many times has that ever happened to you in some form or fashion?  The next time you reject a person, idea or thing, really stop to think about why you feel that way. Maybe there’s a good reason or maybe there’s none at all.

See you in the morning!



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