I LOVE hats!

28 Feb

I’ll get to the story behind my title about hats in just a minute, but first allow me to extend greetings to all of you (folks clicking to read my blog) however large or small the number may be. THIS is the first blog installment of “You know what I mean?,” a blog that I’m writing here at Local 6 to share more of my world with you.

I’m really excited about an extra public outlet to express myself as there’s not always time to get long-winded on newscasts, Facebook or within the 140 character or less limits of Twitter. Ha! Here, I hope to share more of my insights and interests, plus a few laughs.  There’s a lot to talk about too, from work to wedding planning and weight loss, I promise to keep it interesting!

I chose the title based on a list of “Bridgett-isms:” frequent and favorite phrases of mine. “Bridgett’s Blog” was too easy and “I know, right?,” “Really!?,” “C’mon, now!,” and “Child please” didn’t make the cut.

So stay tuned, here’s to blogging with Bridgett!

Now back to my title: “I LOVE hats!”  This is in reference to my recent outing last month to the Zora Festival in Eatonville. I reported on this year’s big events and had some time to take in one of my favorite events during the week-long arts and culture festival named for Eatonville native and Harlem Renaissance writer/poet Zora Neale Hurston.

Click my picture below to enjoy the slideshow I shot at this year’s Zora Fest! Hatitude Brunch.  I love an excuse to wear a beautiful hat! Too bad this is a trend that’s more reminiscent of times past. They (hats) add so much mystery, elegance and grace to a woman’s aura…

Click here for more photos

Bridgett's Inaugural Blog "click picture for more photos"

See you on the morning show!

– Bridgett

One Response to “I LOVE hats!”

  1. Cyrus Ellison February 29, 2012 at 4:28 am #

    super excited for you and your new blog! Your writing and composition style is convivial, bubbly, and most intruiging!

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