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Confessions of a shoe addict: charity and comfort trump fashion

28 Feb

I have to admit, I’m a last-minute Christmas gift shopper and now that I live farther away from family in the Carolinas, it has complicated the logistics of shopping, wrapping and shipping. Next year, I’ll just order everything online or give to charity in my loved ones’ honor.  This idea of helping others instead of giving gifts to our family members next Christmas started with this past Christmas.

You see, my fiance’ is an excellent gift giver. In fact, he always comes up with ideas that I could never think of for gifts. I believe he honestly enjoys the art of gifting more than most people even enjoy opening these awesome gifts. In fact, he just got my 90-year-old grandmother a SWEET oak rocking chair and a box of candies from her childhood era for her birthday! I marveled at her girlish laughter and reaction to opening the gifts! 

So let’s rewind to Christmastime, he had this novel idea to give the whole family Toms shoes. Well, I’m a shoe fanatic who is addicted to heels, leather and embellishment, so understandably I was a little put off by my first visual impression of Toms. They are not the most sexy shoe I’ve ever seen, but the sequin and espadrille wedges aren’t bad 😉 I cautioned him about the picky nature of some family members and how hard it is to fit people in shoes. He went with it anyway and to my surprise, they were a mega hit at Christmas!  

click to see Toms website
First Pair of Toms

My first pair of Tom's

The story doesn’t end there, you see, Tom’s are more than just simple canvas flats that come in lots of colors. They are a part of a big charity effort. If you’re not familiar with Toms, which I wasn’t until that point, the company donates a pair of shoes or glasses to a child in need every time someone buys a pair. “One for One” is the company motto.

NOW this doubting “Thomas” (me) owns TWO pairs of Toms and wears them proudly, even at work and even if they don’t match my outfit! Ha! I love their message of helping other and the darn things are the most comfy shoes I own that are closed-toe and not flip-flops! Click the pictures of my Toms to read more about them and see the styles for yourself.

Hey, and there’s something for everyone… these sparkly and ultra-femme Toms will probably be my next pair:

See you on the morning show!

– Bridgett


I LOVE hats!

28 Feb

I’ll get to the story behind my title about hats in just a minute, but first allow me to extend greetings to all of you (folks clicking to read my blog) however large or small the number may be. THIS is the first blog installment of “You know what I mean?,” a blog that I’m writing here at Local 6 to share more of my world with you.

I’m really excited about an extra public outlet to express myself as there’s not always time to get long-winded on newscasts, Facebook or within the 140 character or less limits of Twitter. Ha! Here, I hope to share more of my insights and interests, plus a few laughs.  There’s a lot to talk about too, from work to wedding planning and weight loss, I promise to keep it interesting!

I chose the title based on a list of “Bridgett-isms:” frequent and favorite phrases of mine. “Bridgett’s Blog” was too easy and “I know, right?,” “Really!?,” “C’mon, now!,” and “Child please” didn’t make the cut.

So stay tuned, here’s to blogging with Bridgett!

Now back to my title: “I LOVE hats!”  This is in reference to my recent outing last month to the Zora Festival in Eatonville. I reported on this year’s big events and had some time to take in one of my favorite events during the week-long arts and culture festival named for Eatonville native and Harlem Renaissance writer/poet Zora Neale Hurston.

Click my picture below to enjoy the slideshow I shot at this year’s Zora Fest! Hatitude Brunch.  I love an excuse to wear a beautiful hat! Too bad this is a trend that’s more reminiscent of times past. They (hats) add so much mystery, elegance and grace to a woman’s aura…

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Bridgett's Inaugural Blog "click picture for more photos"

See you on the morning show!

– Bridgett