“Skinny Minnie” is just “drawn that way”

26 Oct

There’s growing controversy surrounding one of your childhood favorites, Minnie Mouse. You might think, “Why/How in the world would Minnie cause a scandal?” Thanks to Barneys New York, Minnie got a makeover for this year’s holiday advertisements at their stores and it’s not going over well. Take a look.

But Minnie’s not the only one. Daisy Duck and Goofy were also morphed into an artist’s rendering of what they’d look like as “models.”

From an artistic standpoint, it doesn’t bother me. For those sensitive to how children might take these skinnier versions of their favorite characters, I do understand the concern. But to me, it’s just an artist’s interpretation of an animator’s creation for a holiday fashion spread. As Joy Behar says, “So what, who cares?” Apparently, a lot of people care though. More than 137,000 supporters say, “Leave Minnie Alone” on Change.org.

It seems there’s always something offending someone these days. One artist’s interpretation does not speak for all of us. I highly doubt Disney has any plans to change Minnie or any other character into this skinny look. What about Olive Oil? As Jessica Rabbit might say, Popeye’s galpal was just “drawn that way.” They’re cartoons folks. 

It’s up to us to educate ourselves and our children about healthy habits and body perceptions. We all know the mannequins in the store fronts usually aren’t realistic either. So what would you expect from a fashion department store cartoon? We can’t rely on the air-brushed illusions in magazines and media to determine our self-image.  We can’t simply buy into what we see because it’s a trend or it looks like everyone else is after that look. For instance, have you ever looked at some of the so-called “beauty trends” happening in other countries? The Bagel-head thing? Weird!

I’m just making an extreme example to prove a point. Some people really think that saline-induced bagel on their forehead looks good. Are you going to get a bagel? The only bagel I want comes from a bakery. (stepping down off soapbox)

See you in the morning!



Waking up from a “Dream”

12 Oct

For my recent birthday, I was blessed to travel with my hubby on a quick Disney cruise out of Port Canaveral.  I just have to share with you that fall is the best time to travel on cruise lines if you want deeper discounts. This is partly because of the hurricane season and traditionally slower travel dates. I think we saved at least 30-40% off the normal prices.

As far as entertainment and luxury values, I would say this cruise was easily in my top two. I added a little photo album to my Facebook account. Friend me and check it out here

Any Disney fan will tell you that Disney does everything better. I’m not what you would call a “superfan,” but I’m slowly realizing just what these fans mean when they say this. We sailed off from Port Canaveral on the Disney Dream for a 3-day cruise with stops in Nassau and Castaway Cay, Bahamas.

Many people have a misconception that Disney cruises are only for parents who want to bring the kids along. Their cruises have been ranked the best for families by several surveys, but couples can have just as much fun. There are adult-only pools and lounges, plus the kid stuff brings out the inner-child. You don’t have to bring kids, but you must be willing to embrace your own inner-child. We watched Brave in a comfy 3-d theater, went to a Broadway style Disney show, but we also tried out a champagne tasting class and dined in a fine Italian-themed restaurant. There’s just something for everyone.

We also had a great time in the Bahamas. I got a little sun-burned, but it was worth it. We toured the Junkanoo Museum and several historical forts in Nassau. Then Disney’s private island, Castaway Cay, set us into a relaxed mood with leisurely bike rides and a private, adults only beach area.

I’m really thankful we were able to go and glad we got back safely, but I must admit I’m suffering from a little vacay withdrawal. 

See you in the morning (Monday),


Free Coffee, But Hurry!

28 Sep

Don’t reach too deep into your pockets or your cupboards this weekend for a cup of joe. Just check out these awesome coffee deals. Saturday is National Coffee Day, but lots of businesses are getting in on the festivities in different ways.

If you love McDonald’s coffee, it’s free through tomorrow. For just a penny, you can get a cup at Kangaroo Express. If flavored lattes are more your speed, head over to Dunkin Donuts. Here’s a link to the deal at Dunkin Donuts! click here

Hey and not that they have to, but just because it goes so well with donuts, Krispy Kreme is offering free coffee with no purchase necessary. (The sales folks know you’ll probably end up buying a box of “hot now” while you’re in there. LOL)

To read up on more National Coffee Day deals, click here.

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Making A Difference One Page At A Time

19 Sep

On Tuesday, the Local 6 Morning Team had the opportunity to share some time with a delightful group of children. It was Book Buds Day for UCP of Central Florida.

We had a wonderful time reading books, making homemade play-dough and giving lots of hugs and high-fives. The work the educators are doing with the special needs children at UCP facilities is amazing. My hats off to all of them for a job well-done and a job that has so many rewards. Smiles are one of those rewards.

Times like these remind us that the simple things bring so much joy and the playfulness of a child awakens the inner child in all of us.

See you in the morning!


Free Food Or Something Like That…

19 Sep

Did you know today is “International Talk Like A Pirate Day?” Arrrrr.  If you’ve ever browsed this blog, you know I like to mention “so-called” special days when they pop up. 

I don’t particularly have interest in pirates or talking like one, but here’s the “hook:” free donuts. That’s right, Krispy Kreme is giving a free one to anyone who talks like a pirate today. “Well shiver me timbers!”

If that’s not enough, you can grab up a little cup of free cheese dip at Moe’s Sowthwest Grill Restaurants on Thursday! Yes, September 20th is “Free Queso Day.” Who knew? No special dialect or purchase required.

I apologize if what you learned by reading this blog caused you to cheat on your diet. 😛

See you in the morning,


Good food, better prices, great cause!

10 Sep

It’s that time of year again! Orlando Magical Dining is back for its seventh year. 

Imagine dining on three courses for $30 and part of the proceeds going to charity. One dollar from each meal goes to Edgewood Children’s Ranch. 

It gets even better, there are dozens of restaurants participating around town, so there’s bound to be something you’ve been wanting to try.

Oh, I can’t wait! But we’ve all got to hurry though, Magical Dining ends September 30th. Save your calories and your cash for something yummy!

For a complete listing of the participating restaurants, click here.

See you in the morning,


Grandma gives birth to her own grandchild

10 Sep

Some stories leave you with more questions than answers. Some encourage us to look inside ourselves to examine innermost thoughts, fears and values and how they affect the choices we make and essentially how we live our lives.

One story grabbing headlines is that of a woman whose cancer fight forced her and her family to make some extraordinary choices. Emily Jordan lost the child she was carrying and the chance to have anymore after surgery for cervical cancer. Incredibly, her mother stepped in to act as a surrogate and give her daughter and son-in-law the child (her grandchild) they all wanted. 

Cindy Reutzel cradles her new granddaughter

The story can be found here.

After reading it, I’m reminded of other women who waived cancer treatments as they carried babies full term only to lose their lives after bringing life into the world. No one ever wants to be faced with that kind of decision or to say if one option is better than the other for a particular person because there is heartbreak and risk involved either way. It certainly gives one pause to think about losing life one way or the other when it comes to illness and pregnancy.

The other stunning element of the story is giving your child a child. It’s absolutely fascinating to think about the intricacies of this relationship. One day, this child, Elle Cynthia, will grow up and learn that she’s very unique having been born thanks to her grandmother’s love and courage. And grandma is even considering having more for her daughter! Wow! That’s a mother’s love.

See you in the morning,